Post Thumbnail of Thank You! Australia Day in Cobh 2014

By any measure "Australia Day in Cobh 2014" on Tuesday 15th July was a tremendous success. Organised by Cobh Tourism and See You in Cobh to welcome 1500 Australians and 400 Kiwis on a 104 night round the world cruise from Sydney to Sydney, the audience and their reaction to …

18 July 2014 Historical
Post Thumbnail of Tuesday 15th July is Australia Day in Cobh!

A cruise ship full of Aussies and Kiwis means a celebration in Cobh of "down under right here".

The Dawn Princess is on a 104 night world cruise that left from Sydney on 18th May and it will sail back past the Sydney Opera House in the early hours of 31st …

10 July 2014 Historical
Post Thumbnail of Cobh is open for business during Irish Open Golf

Cobh is a dream destination, just a few minutes from the golfing action at Fota Island Resort and will be enjoyed by thousands of people over the next few days. 

Cobh Tourism started planning early so that Cobh will benefit from this major sporting occassion. Through lobbying both the European Tour …

17 June 2014 Historical
Post Thumbnail of Even more ways to get on the water in Cobh

Summer 2014 sees the launch of two new businesses that will bring tourists and local people onto Cork Harbour in very different ways.

Cork Harbour Boat hire specialises in hiring out self drive boats to tourists, families, schools, large & small groups & the general public all in the safety of Cork …

1 June 2014 Historical
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