Free Tours of Old Church Cemetery

Posted by admin in Historical on 15 January 2013

Next Tour Sunday 5th May 2013

Cobh historian, Jack Gilmartin has an unrivalled knowledge of the Old Church Cemetery in Cobh. 

The Cemetery has over 11,000 recorded burials spanning over 3 centuries, including the victims of the Lusitania, Jack Doyle, poet Charles Wolfe and Napoleon’s appointed surgeon on St. Helena Dr. James Verling.  Over 3,000 of those buried in the Cemetery succumbed to TB!

Jack Gilmartin gives a fascinating free tour of the Old Church Cemetery on the first Sunday of every month throughout the summer. The first tour of 2013 is on 5th May starting at 2.30 pm at the main gate.

 Jack’s depth of knowledge and witty style make this tour unmissable!

Posted by admin   @   15 January 2013

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